Hovetra: high quality, flexible and fast transport

Hovetra is a transport company located close to the port of Rotterdam specialised in bulk transport and container transport of granular and powdered food products. For the bulk transport of foodstuffs - such as maize, rice, baker's flour and breadcrumbs - Hovetra has solid bulk trailers, bulk tippers and dozens of separate bulk tanks. Hovetra has compartmentalised trailers and combinations with separate sections for the transport of various types of foodstuffs such as wheat flour and wholemeal flour in one load. Hovetra has its own reach stacker for the transfer of containers that can lift up to fifty tons. The collection of containers is especially useful when large batches of containers have to be tipped. In that case, Hovetra usually collects the containers from the port terminal in Rotterdam before the day of delivery. Hovetra uses suction bulk trucks to empty or clean a silo; these also offer a solution if a party is wrongly unloaded or rejected. A compartmentalised suction/blower vacuum trailer is suitable for simultaneously transporting different types of bulk goods. An additional advantage of the separated compartments is that the silo can be emptied and filled with the same truck. Hovetra is a family business. After its creation in 1936 in Zuidzijde in South-Holland by founder Arie van der Hoeven we are located in Rhoon since 2007.

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International transport according to a tight schedule

High-quality cleaning in our facility

No waiting times at terminals due to temporary storage at our premises

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